Doctorhoo atag posted Feb 26, 17

I would officially like to welcome the all potential new recruits who are looking at joining our FFXIV Free Company.  We are a Casual Mature Social Everything Community - from leveling, crafting and gathering to raiding.  Although we tend to cater well Veteran MMO players, we also work well with players who are new to the game.  We currently host 3 static raid groups who are working on progression.  Please feel free to look around or even contact one of our officers with any questions and we'll try to help you out.

How do I get more information?  The fastest way is to jump on Discord and ask for an officer to help answer some questions. 

Please be patient with us, we all have real lives, work, and have familes outside of this wonderful game and we try our best to keep it old school guild family environment alive and host our own events and have Free Company meetings as needed.  We'll be with you as soon as we can, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Feel Free to Use the Link on the Front Page of our site to jump on our Discord Server.  Its our number one way of communicating information to our very social community.  


Game Server:

Diabolos (NA - Data Center - Primal)

IF you encounter Any Character Creating Restrictions, check here. SE updates it several times a day.

Crimson Dragons Lodestone

Free Company Standings on Diabolos

Getting Into the FC:

1) <Fastest Way>  

Fill out an "In Game" Application Request to the FC.  An Officer will come along and chat with you about it.

("View Company" of a online OCD Member with a right click and you'll see it on the bottom)

2) Discord works great to get our attention.  Please try to use your in game character name. You will start in the #Welcome channel until you get permissions, just say "hi" to start the ball rolling. We like use Discord for share information and it will get you a faster promotion, to full member by joining our server.

If you want to speed things up after trying the above, You can also Hang around our FC Home in the Mists - Ward 1, Plot 15 - there is nearly always someone there from the FC crafting or doing something.  Feel free to talk to them.  When an officer notices your request for entry, they can conduct a brief in game interview with you.  Most of the Officers tend to be on in the Evenings so please be patience with us.

Current Officer Core Team:

Doctor Hoo
Andrameda Hoo
Katya Threadbare
Flash Reaper

We Look forward to see you in game and look forward to having you part of our online family,



Code of Conduct:

What you do while wearing our FC Tag (Uniform) reflects upon our Community.  This applies to chat channels and the people you group with.

Be Civilized

Be Honest


Be Diligent (Work Hard)

Be Respectful

Be Polite