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Patch 4.4

Doctorhoo atag posted Sep 6, 18

Patch 4.4 Drops on 9/18/18.  Time to dust things off and join up to see what's new and good.  New Raiding Tier will be introduced as well.  Check Discord for next Free Company Meeting time and date which is TBA to review Free Company info and Raid Groups.  Interested Raiders post info in the #Raiding channel in Discord.

Patch 4.3

Doctorhoo atag posted May 13, 18

Come join our excitement of Patch 4.3 which is going live May 22! We will be having a Free Company meeting prior to the release in order to discuss what to expect on patch day and to hold a meet and greet for all of our new members. The meeting will be held on the evening of May 19 at 8 PM EST. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Doctorhoo atag posted Apr 15, 18

Special congratulation's to everyone for all the activity and excitment.  We're still in the top 10 most active Free Company's on our server, which is exactly where we want to be.  Kudos to everyone!

For our next event we are planning on going into Diadem as a Free Company on Friday, 4/20 , around 7-8pm EST (will start at the top of the hour to form groups).  We will embark in groups and are aiming to fill up a whole Alliance raid worth of people. So please RSVP on DISCORD in the #Event channel so we know if we have enough room and we can figure out how many groups we need to make.  There are a lot of minions and mounts you can only get in Diadem, please see the link for unlocking things, especially if you are a new 60.

House Contest

Doctorhoo atag posted Mar 29, 18

Here are the results from the House Voting Contest for each Catagory:

Creativity - Andrameda, Riixie
Theme - Flash, Irlina, Doc, Aari
Amount of Items used - Flash, Riixie, Mokaphyyr, Doc
Best Front Yard - Aari, Doc
Best Kitchen - Flash, Andra, and Honorable Mention of the FC House
Best Water Room - Riixie, Mokaphyyr, Andrameda, Aari

Congratulations to everyone that participated!

Patch 4.2 - Jan 30

Doctorhoo atag posted Jan 30, 18

FC meeting went great. Our "Hide and Go Seek" winners were: Zansei Tanshi, Talwene Sha'dar, and Helral Garanjy!  Enjoy the Prizes!

Special Welcome to all the New Members that Have Joined us as we Venture Forth into Patch 4.2

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