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Crimson Dragons  -  A Casual Mature Social and Raiding Free Company for FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn - PC - Diabolos (NA)

Diabolos (NA)

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Astrologian
class Bard
class Black Mage
class Conjurer
class Dark Knight
class Dragoon
class Machinist
class Monk
class Ninja
class Paladin
class Scholar
class Summoner
class Warrior
class White Mage
class Alchemist
class Armorer
class Blacksmith
class Botanist
class Carpenter
class Culinarian
class Fisher
class Goldsmith
class Leatherworker
class Miner
class Weaver
Recruitment information
Order of the Crimson Dragons (OCD) - Casual Mature Social and Raiding FC

About Us:
We started the Free Company within a few hours of 2.0 becoming available to play back in August of 2013. Originally were founded as the Silver Dragons (OSD). Over time as we continued to grow and expand we mutually parted ways and struck off in a new direction.

What We Offer:
~ Active Discord for VOIP and Community Social
~ FC Activity that has always kept us in the top 10 most Active Free Companies on our Diabolos Server.
~ Scheduled Events

We are looking for interested like-minded people. We specifically cater well to Mature Veteran Gamers that can communicate well but enjoy the flavor and energy that new players to FFXIV bring to the game. If you've read this far you might be a good fit for our FC/Guild. Please check the following link for our forum siteforum site which also has our Discord link.

- We Currently host Static Raid Groups with a Casual Progression Focus. We organize our Statics to have a good group chemistry together and aim for consistent Raid times per group. Whenever there is interest and a need for more, we just start up a new Static with those things in mind.
- We have an active community that's been around since Beta, have our own forums and favor Discord for social and group textingl. We also host our own FC Events and have FC Meetings on Discord to share information and field questions and concerns.
- We are always looking to grow and be active, as evidenced by SE's Free Company StandingsFree Company Standings, which we always seem to be in the top 10 on our Server. If this interests you please feel free to Visit our FC House in the Mists - Ward 1, Plot 15 and feel free to talk with an OCD member in game.

Thank you,
Time Schedules
Social Family Friendly Raiding Progression voice
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A Casual Mature Social and Raiding Free Company for FFXIV