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Patch 3.1 - Oct 10, 2017

Doctorhoo atag posted Sep 29, 17

Next Patch is planned for October 10.  While we have been waiting for the new drop, We've been keeping things active working on many things.  Some of us are still working on Savage progression, others leveling new Jobs, and others just starting the game with us.  In any event its an exciting time to join with us like this testimony from one of our members, "I have CDO, it's like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order as they should be."

Interesting in Joining, We're always looking for new Recruits and to grow our family.

Enjoy the Preview Trailer:

Raiders Updated

Doctorhoo atag posted Jul 21, 17

People who have filled out our Raid Signup info (Link is in the #Annoucements section in Discord), please update your Discord information on it so we can progress to the next step for the partial groups and get people talking together.  We are still in Need of Raid Leads and/or Good Group Communicators and Organizers.


Doctorhoo atag posted Jul 7, 17

Special Welcome to all the New Players we have had join us.  Thank you for support to help us be one of the top Free Companies on our server as evidenced by our Weekly Free Company Standings Showing.  If you are not yet 70 and want to Raid, please follow either the links in our forum or the appropriate link in our Discord to fill out the availbility spreadsheet with relevant info for our Raid Coordinator to review and help with the forming of new Groups.  

Thanks for helping making our FC one of the best,


SB Raiding

Doctorhoo atag posted Jul 2, 17

WOW!  Lots of excitement here in OCD!  Looks like we will be hosting about 5 Raid Groups heading into Omega in this upcoming week.  For those interested in Raiding with us, we welcome you, we will continue to form and host new groups as long as there is interest.  We will need some more tanks and healers if we are to start another group though since we have plenty of dps atm.


Doctorhoo atag posted Jun 23, 17

Stormblood Early Access started this last friday, 6/16/17, and dispite a few hicupps on the Raubahn EX bottleneck, this expansion has brought a lot of quality of life improvements, new jobs and new lands to the Final Fantasy XVI Universe.  Again Story was a Home Run, Better than Heavensward imo.

Our Free Company is Growing like crazy and our Community continues to be very active and one of the top on our server as one of the best in the FC rankings.  We plan to be reforming Raid Groups for new content soon as many are just finishing MSQ and getting to 70.

None Shall Pass - Raubahn

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